Jenny at her geekiest (Claire Redfield cosplay at Comic Con 2018)

Jenny at her geekiest (Claire Redfield cosplay at Comic Con 2018)


Meet Jenny

Jenny is a nerdy introvert with a hidden quirky sense of humor. When you meet her she may seem more "reserved" but her super talkative goofy side will shine through (how do you think she get all those happy, laughy photos?!?)  She starts with this because this is what you will get in her as a photographer.  A more calm, reserved person that won't scream WOOOO! in your face constantly but someone who is just the right amount of happy, nerdy, goofy, and full of weird jokes... at just the right times.
She is a nerd who loves photography and all the tech that comes with it (in case that wasn’t obvious) as well as biology. She’s also a geek who loves video games (she will be getting a triforce tattoo soon)

Here's some random facts...(which make her feel like she's writing a bio for a dating website)

  • Hometown: Queens, NY

  • College degree: Biochemistry PhD

  • 1/2 Italian🇮🇹, Irish, French, Swedish, German, Hungarian

  • Loves animals and originally wanted to be a vet (what a deviation!)

  • Has 2 cats, Midnight and Spot

  • Loves weird art (seriously come see our place! it’s like a gallery of weird art)

  • Loves video games (Favs: Zelda and Resident Evil + many more!)

  • Favorite Color: black (a bit contradictory)




Meet Geo

(Geo wanted Jenny to write this…He also wanted a “normal photo” up here) Geo is an extroverted introvert who is confident, isn’t afraid to tell you like it is, and has a big heart. When it comes to our team, Jenny nicknames him “the voice” of the two of us. He loves to talk and meet new people and has an adorable sense of humor (If Jenny is quirky Geo would be a prankster). He is also the more time oriented one (we both are but he’s just so much better at it). While Jenny frolics around getting photos, Geo will make sure that frolicking doesn’t go on too long. We work well together 🤓
This is what you will get in Geo as your second photographer. A goofy talkative yet time oriented individual who plays a big role in helping things run smoothly!
Geo is definitely a nerd, even though he may not admit it. He shares Jenny’s love of video games, sci-fi/fantasy tv shows/movies. He’s also excellent at strategy games. Don’t start a game of chess or Super Smash Bros with him if you’re a sore loser (which Jenny is).

Here's some random facts…

  • Hometown: Enfield, CT

  • College degree: Chemistry PhD

  • Is a full time chemistry professor by day (and a great one at that!)

  • Loves to read sci-fi/fantasy books

  • Loves card and board games

  • Favorite Color: blue