Hi I’m Jenny! My husband Geo is my second photographer and partner in crime.
As you browse my site, you’ll see that my photos are super colorful and my shooting style is a mix of photojournalism and and fun yet natural looking portraiture. I also love sunset photos and playing with gorgeous light.
You’ll also notice the people in my photos look genuinely happy; that’s because they are! People feel comfortable with us and our highest priority is to make your experience with us as carefree and enjoyable as possible! We’re also nerdy scientists (2 chemists here!) and we’ve “developed a system” (meheheh 🤓) to make your day go more smoothly so you can just enjoy it.
If you fancy lots of color, fun, unique photos and want a couple o’ scientists to shoot your wedding, let’s grab a coffee and chat!
(PS I have these pics below sorting at random upon loading so reload the page to see different ones appear! huzzah! magic!)