Fun and Colorful Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Bridal party photo at a Squaw Valley wedding in the Mountains of Lake Tahoe

It’s a bit hard for me to accurately describe how how I go about taking photos.  I’m not a writer and there’s so many factors involved. Different settings, people with various personalities, varying timelines, whether I had enough coffee in the morning (kidding…maybe), and so on.  
To truly decide if we are a good fit, meeting and exchanging conversation is best.  I know, I know. Conversation... with another person instead of a computer screen.  You’ve got not time in your life and also...yuck.  I get it.  I’m a big time introvert.  While I do love meeting new people and talking about weddings, I'm horrible at small talk.  Like...”how’s the weather” and all that stuff.  This is where my more extroverted hubby Geo comes in…to prevent the awkward!  Anyway-meeting us- how else are you going to realize that we're actual real people with feelings & hopes & dreams and not just a computer screen (please love me 😭)
Also.....I'm not very good at being concise as you will soon find out...and...let’s face it, in a world so afflicted with ADD being wordy doesn’t fly so well.  In fact, you probably won’t even read this.  Why am I even wasting my time?!?!?  
Seriously- Contact Me- meet us- assess us- love us. Also read the stuff below.  

Bride and Groom drinking champagne at their wedding at Diablo Valley Ranch in Walnut Creek
Wedding at the Berkeley City Club


Aside from portraits, my shooting style is unobtrusive and photojournalistic.  I want to document everything as it unfolds and capture its own uniqueness in my photos.  No way on earth will I ever stop you during your first dance or get all up in your face at your ceremony.  Nothing like having your photographer creepily standing behind you at the alter while you’re exchanging rings :P  I will ask you to reenact something silly if I catch you when you thought I wasn’t looking out of the corner of my eye :D (still, not during your first dance)
I love candids and unexpected moments so I’ll go out of my way to catch them! (Except for those elusive guests that always seems to notice the camera.  Seriously, it’s like they have built in camera radar detectors or something.  Keep talking!  Don’t look up and smile for the camera! :P)  

Now for portraits.  While I would love to just hide in the shadows and capture portraits photojounalistically, that usually doesn’t work too well.  I do strive for less posey, more natural, youniquely-you looking portraits.  In general, I give light direction and don’t ask you to move around your individual body parts too much.  Not only does this make you feel and look more comfortable in your photos but you will also fall into a pose as you would.  I don’t want you to look exactly like everyone else but for you to look at your photos and say “Oh, that’s so us!”.
I also want you to look awesome in your photos.  While I don’t like moving you around too much ……to be blunt… if you look awkward, I will fix you. Hey it happens, most of us are not models! :P 

Fun San Francisco Bay Area wedding and portrait photogarpher-78.jpg
Fun San Francisco Bay Area wedding and portrait photogarpher-92.jpg
Fun San Francisco Bay Area wedding and portrait photogarpher-41.jpg


To put the visual-ness into word-ness…

  • My photos are vibrant; and that’s because it’s how I see the world. I love color and photos with colors that pop! My photos are also sunny warm.

  • I’m a stickler for sharpness. Sometimes photos are blurred for the sake of style but you won’t find fuzzy photos ‘round these parts!

  • I strive for perfect lighting. It’s one of the most important things for me. Good lighting=good looking subjects. I’ve spent a lot of my career mastering light in all conditions!

  • I mostly like using natural light but I’ll throw flash in there when I need it! That being said, I have all the tools of the trade to light up your life and I know how to use ‘em!

  • Along those lines, I love playing with light, so you’ll also see a lot of dramatically lit images in my portfolio. I particularly love sunsets!  Oh sweet sunny goodness. (Yea, those sunbursts are real)

Sunset engagement photos in the Redwoods at Robert's Regional in Oakland
  • I love goofy photos; you’ll probably notice a lot of that in my portfolio :P  If our silly brain waves collide at just the right frequency, together we can create photos filled with sweet beautiful ridiculousness. However, I always include a variety of adorable and dramatic poses!

  • Lastly, you probably notice that our subjects look happy.  That’s because they are!  Our first and foremost goal is to make you happy.  Me and Geo are chill individuals.  People we’ve worked with tell us that despite how nervous they were before a session, they felt completely at ease with us and had a lot of fun.  We’re also super flexible.  I want to work with you to deliver what you want.  Have a specific look or theme you’re going for?  Have some Pinterest poses or “absolute no no” shots?  I’m in! This is for you not me!

Fun San Francisco Bay Area wedding and portrait photogarpher-7.jpg
Fun San Francisco Bay Area wedding and portrait photogarpher-107.jpg

Summed up, I want you to LOVE your photos, see yourselves in them, and for you to walk away remembering how much fun you had taking them!