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Please excuse my portfolio; it’s currently "under construction". I’ve shot close to 100 weddings and portrait sessions over 9 years and have posted all of them. However…. 
This is a brand new website. I’ve found that migrating content from my old site to here made my photos look like crap. Not cool. So in being the crazy perfectionist that I am, I've decided to do this the hard, and nonsensical way.
I am starting from scratch.
Over the next few months I’ll be adding posts back one by one; from newest to oldest. This is A LOT of work. Yes. I’m crazy. But I’m also… crazy dedicated. (turns and smiles at camera 🤓)
A quick note. These are not full weddings (like, I’ve seriously had parents send me nasty Emails because they thought I only gave their kid 50 images of their wedding… sheeesh 😓). If you’d like to see a full gallery, please don't hesitate to contact me! I have much more to show you- let’s meet for coffee or bubble tea! 🍵Thank you for checking me out and for your patience as I re-fill up my portfolio! ❤︎