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Is this your full time job?

Yes .  I started out doing wedding photography while working on my PhD.  Not too long after working for a brief period as post-doc here in the Bay Area, I decided science wasn’t for me as I loved photography way more.  I’m now a full time wedding photographer.  My husband, who is my second photographer and assistant, works as a teacher during the week.

How would you describe your shooting style?

My style is very candid and relaxed. For portraits, I don’t like overly posed shots and will usually give light direction.  That being said, if you need it I will definitely give more direction/pose you!  I want you to look your best ;).  

I like fun, light-hearted photos but my style incorporates a little of everything, particularly based on who you are as a couple.  For the remainder of the wedding I don’t like to get in the way, especially at the ceremony. My aim is to capture your wedding in a photojournalistic way; to document the story with you and your guests being yourselves.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III’s. I have a range of lenses at different focal lengths.  I also have on speedlights for dark spaces and more powerful monolights (for evening photos and overpowering the sun!)

I always bring my husband George along. He has been my assistant and second photographer since the beginning in 2010!  We work really well together ;P  Having a second photographer gives an extra dimension to your wedding day as we can capture more angles and candids!

How many photographers will there be?

Yes, I edit ALL of your photos!  My editing style is what you see on my website.  That is the quality that you will receive.  I sharpen the photos and warm up the colors.  I’ll also smooth faces if they are close-ups.  On occasion, I will remove objects from the background of portraits if they are distracting and could not be helped on the day of photographing.

Will you edit my photos?

How many photos will we get?

This depends on how long we are with you and what is going on in the time we are present.  Getting ready photos, for instance, will add couple hundred more.  I typically deliver between 700-1200 photos, with the average being 800

Yes!  I definitely travel however costs may be associated with this. Travel within the Bay Area is included in wedding packages.  We've also traveled outside the Bay Area and we are always happy to travel even farther!  We love to visit new places!  Let’s chat; we can work something out ; )

Will you travel to my venue?

What if it rains on our wedding day!?

Rain is no problem at equipment can take a pretty good beating and also...umbrella shots are super cute ; )

We've shot many weddings in dark venues, outside at night, and even at the super dark and reflective Monterey Bay aquarium.  We have all the necessary lighting equipment and the know how so you don't have to worry at all! :P

My venue is super dark/outdoors.  Is that ok?

In a couple of days, I will post a few teaser photos on my Facebook page.  Within 1-2 weeks I will then share more photos on my blog and Facebook pages.  It usually takes ~1-3 months to completely edit and deliver all of your photos.  The exact amount of time depends on how many other weddings I have in the works to edit (end of summer and fall are the busiest times of year for me).  I will keep you informed on when I start the editing process and also give you a projected completion date. You can also always feel free to check in with me!  If you need any specific photos sooner (for thank you cards, for example), I can send a few photos to you asap.

How long would it take to get my phtoos?

I advise couples to book their wedding photographer as soon as they confirm a wedding date.  I will only have limited dates available so the sooner the better to avoid any disappointment! ;)

How far in advance do I need to book you?

The average time most couples book us for is 8 hours, which is why my packages include this amount of time.  Eight hours can typically cover the whole day, from getting ready to the first half of your reception (we usually don't need to stay for the whole reception!).  If you have events going on through the entirety of your reception or require more time in the morning, you can add hours to your package for 250/hr.  We can discuss your time needs during our meeting!

How much time do I need?